Some Night Vale fanart, and my jewelry shop!

I try to keep this blog work related artwork only. (That’s what my art tumblr is for–warning, it has a lot of fanart and naked dudes doing stuff.) But… hell, I like this, so I’m going to share it.

If you don’t know what Welcome to Night Vale is, I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s a fictional podcast that is hella creepy, and funny! And with a gay host! I really couldn’t love it anymore than I already do. Its free to download on itunes, or you can stream it for free here. Anyway, hope you like this! I’ve been experimenting with sequential art a lot more, lately.

For those of you that haven’t heard the episode that this is pulled from, you can listen along by clicking this link.

boywithahatchet1 boywithahatchet2 boywithahatchet3 boywithahatchet4 boywithahatchet5 boywithahatchet6 boywithahatchet7

In other news, I’ve opened up an etsy shop to sell my jewelry on! Please check it out?

Here’s some samples of things I’m making/selling…

100_0457 100_0443 100_0402 100_0396 100_0342 100_0328 100_0325 100_0314 100_0282 100_0281

Currently accepting commissions

Been doing a lot of commissions lately! I’ve been doing better about getting them done quickly, which I’m pretty proud of. I gotta admit that I’ve taken a long time to finish commissions in the past. I usually get caught up in larger projects, but I’ve been doing better with time management lately. :)

Anyway! If you’re interested in commissioning me, here’s some prices. I could really use the work and money, so feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested. Thanks!

Black and White Sketches: 

  • Half body: 15$
  • Full body: 20$
  • Examples:

CalebFinal  ConnorFinal  Zoey


  • Half body: 25$
  • Full body: 30$
  • Examples:

AllegoryWIP3 bearhug  AthenaFinished

Inked with Flat Color:

  • Half body: 30$
  • Full body: 35$
  • Examples:

DonnelFINAL DualityFlats

Inked with Shaded Color:

  • Half body: 40$
  • Full body: 50$
  • Examples:

Lumberjackcolor  AfricanNouveau coverWIP1


  • Background: Price varies depending on complexity.  Email for an estimate.
  • Extra characters: Multiply the prices above by the number of characters.
  • I’ll pretty much draw anything, even if its NSFW or gore related.
  • Paypal takes 2.7% of your payment from me. You have to pay these fees. So on top of the prices above, please include an extra 2.7%. (It usually only ends up being a 2 or 3 dollars, unless you’re making a large order.)

Send me an email at to order! Please note that I only accept Paypal.

For the most part the process will go like this:

  • You email me an order! We discuss what can be done, and what you would like. I will give you a price quote. (It will almost always be the above price.)
  • I produce a preliminary sketch for you to approve. I will make changes to the sketch if necessary, until you’re satisfied. (If this takes more than 2 or 3 times I may ask for extra fees.)
  • You send the payment through Paypal. I will not finish the drawing until I have received your payment.
  • I finish your drawing! Ta-da!

Here’s some recent ones I’ve finished!

DonnelFINAL LumberjackcolorZoey EmmaFinal LucilleFinal SamanthaFinal AthenaFinished ConnorFinal CalebFinal AllegoryWIP3

Note: These prices and process are for artwork that will not be published. If you’re interested in commissioning me to do artwork for a publication, send me an email and we’ll discuss prices.


A while back I did some more artwork for Rick Maffei’s zombie game. Lots more character art, and a couple illustrations. Unfortunately I don’t know his website to link, but enjoy the art!













Ars Magica, The Contested Isle

I got to do another Ars Magica supplement book, by Atlas Games. Yay! This one was all about Ireland, which I was SO excited to work on. I love Celtic history and mythology! I hope you like it as well. COWS! And Finn McCool! (Or historically known as Fionn mac Cumhaill.) But seriously, I was really proud of this set.

Here’s the website for Ars Magica:






Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary – Part 1

I’ve done some work for BRW Games in the past, and was asked to be one of the artists for the Bestiary supplement that is being released for Adventures Dark and Deep. The Kickstarter did incredible! A lot of critters are going to be drawn, and hopefully I’ll get a good chunk in as well. So you can look forward to a few more posts about this! (Hopefully!)

But, here’s my first batch of five!

Read more here:


JennaFowlerBeetle JennaFowlerBuckawn JennaFowlerCouatl JennaFowlerDryad JennaFowlerGreenDragon

Art of Janissaries, The Card Game – Part 3

Here’s the last of the artwork from the card game, Janissaries, by John Wick Presents!

John Wick’s website:

You can buy the card game here:


The Traitor:

REDTraitor GREENTraitorArt


The Shieldman:

REDShieldman1 GREENShieldmanArt


The Archer:REDArcher1 GREENArcherArt

Art of Janissaries, The Card Game – Part 2

As promised, here’s some more artwork from the card game, Janissaries, by John Wick Presents!

John Wick’s website:

You can buy the card game here:




The Hero:



The Assassin:





The General:





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